biancaserrano18 said: should Frank tattoo the bulldog on my leg

only if he can tattoo Mr. Krabs on my forehead :>

femalesthatlikefemales said: What does it mean if I had a dream about growing a penis? Should I be concerned?

perhaps you’re into the role of the opposite gender idk????? I’m sorry??? :( 

Anonymous said: will i ever find love?

aw of course you will :”) 

wuts chisel ma nigga

wuts chisel ma nigga

ceciliaa-iris said: i am in love with this blog omg

THX BB <3 

Anonymous said: should i poop?

yes do not deny the natural processes of your boDY111!!!!!!!

Anonymous said: Will patrick ever find love

i’m right here wTF PAT IS DAT U

Anonymous said: will I ever have a boyfriend?

when I get one ; -; 

Anonymous said: i love you

thx bb

Anonymous said: how you make conch salad in a pineapple

very easily mother fucker it’s not even a yes/no question

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